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Index of Customers

Pipeline Name: Venice Gathering System, L.L.C. Orig‎/‎Rev Ind: O ‎("‎O‎" - ‎Original Filing, ‎"‎R‎" ‎Revised Filing‎)‎
Pipeline ID: C001150 First Day of Calendar Quater: Jul 01, 2017
Report Date: Jul 01, 2017 Unit of Measurement: T‎- ‎Dth‎
Contact Name‎/‎Phone: Elizabeth Hawkins ‎(‎713‎) ‎584‎-‎1123‎
Shipper NameShipper IDAffil-iated IndRate ScheduleContract NumberContract Effective DateContract Expiration DateDays Until ExpireNeg Rat IndMax Daily QuantityAgent AffiliatedAgent NameFoot Notes
Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners, LLC 166887161NoFTS-2 VGS01046-FTS-2 07/01/2004Life of Lease No0NoCokinos  
Arena Energy, LLC 119309909NoFTS-2 VGS01080-FTS-2 08/01/2015Life of Lease No0NoSUPERIOR NATURAL GAS CORPORATION X1
Chevron U.S.A. Inc. 009140559NoFTS-2 VGS01018-FTS-2 01/01/1998Life of Lease No0NoChevron U.S.A. Inc. X1
EnVen Energy Ventures, LLC 826510765NoFTS-2 VGS01066-FTS-2 07/01/2008Life of Lease No0NoEnVen Energy Ventures, LLC  
FIELDWOOD ENERGY LLC 068663836NoFTS-2 VGS01075-FTS-2 12/01/2013Life of Lease No0NoFIELDWOOD ENERGY LLC  
Mariner Energy Resources, Inc. 118091263NoFTS-2 VGS01011-FTS-2 01/01/1998Life of Lease No0NoApache Corporation X1
SPN Resources LLC 136104408NoFTS-2 VGS01050-FTS-2 02/01/2005Life of Lease No0NoFIELDWOOD ENERGY LLC  
W & T OFFSHORE LLC 721121985NoFTS-2 VGS01014-FTS-2 01/01/1998Life of Lease No0NoW&T OFFSHORE INC X1
W&T OFFSHORE INC 114284037NoFTS-2 VGS01040-FTS-2 01/01/2003Life of Lease No0NoW&T OFFSHORE INC X1
W&T OFFSHORE INC 114284037NoFTS-2 VGS01073-FTS-2 12/01/2012Life of Lease No0NoW&T OFFSHORE INC