13 Non-Critical Other Initiate 09/27/2002 09/27/2002 09/27/2002

other notice - tropical storm update


9:00 a.m. september 27, 2002 - venice gathering system ("vgs") has received notice from venice energy services company, l.l.c. ("vesco") that personnel have returned to the venice plant.  preliminary reports indicate that the plant appears to have received minimal water damage.  based on this preliminary assessment, vesco hopes to begin starting up the plant on saturday evening (september 28, 2002) or sunday morning (september 29, 2002).


furthermore, vesco is attempting to place necessary equipment back in operation that would enable it to accept gas from vgs and redeliver unprocessed gas to its downstream interconnects beginning at 6:00 p.m. on friday (september 27, 2002).  assuming the necessary equipment is returned to service, vesco's acceptance of gas on friday will be subject to its downstream interconnects accepting the unprocessed gas.


vgs will post an update a 4:00 p.m. on september 27, 2002.  at that time vgs will advise whether it will begin accepting intraday 2 nominations for gas day 27.