146 Critical Force Majeure Initiate 07/20/2009 07/20/2009 07/31/2009

July 20, 2009

During the next 48 hours the Venice Gathering System will be installing the clamp and preparing the pipeline for repressuring to perform a 2 hour standup test.  It is anticipated that production from any or all of the following points on VGS;  ST151, WD21, WD79 and WD117 will be utilized to restore the pipeline pressure.  Should additional receipt points be needed to repressure the pipe the Main Plant Control Room in Venice, LA (504.534.4030) will make contact with additional operators to flow into VGS.  After completion of the standup test all shippers will be contacted to resume flow into VGS.  The Venice Main Plant Control Room will be the primary contact point during the repressuring and standup test and when operations are resumed after the standup test