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May 20, 2010


To: All VGS Shippers via e-mail


Re:  2010 VGS Operations During Hurricane Evacuations 


Targa Resources as operator of the Venice Gathering System ("VGS") will implement the following procedures effective June 1, 2010 in conjunction with the start of the 2010 Hurricane season:    


1.             All platform operators will be required to isolate their production facilities against their approved isolation valves from VGS when their platforms are evacuated. 


2.                  VGS will be shut-in onshore at the Delta Gathering Station of the Venice Plant (DGS) when the Venice Plant Operator determines this is necessary in response to a named storm and may be dictated to comply with orders to evacuate the Venice Plant by local authorities.  There will be no remote operations of VGS after the Venice Plant is evacuated and all platform operators will be required to have isolated their production facilities from VGS before VGS is shut-in at DGS.


3.                  For those locations that have Hurricane Panels (WD-79 and ST-151), do not activate the Hurricane Panel for remote operations when evacuating the platform.  VGS will not be running remote operations as stated above.


Communications with Targa will be as follows in order:


Venice Plant Control Room:               504-534-4030

Venice Plant Control Room:               504-247-3030

Holt Hannah:                                      504-427-2673                                                 

Kenny Scarabin:                                 504-722-0020 

Tim Touchet                                       337-224-7687


If you have any questions regarding VGS operations under Targa Resources please contact the Venice Plant Area Manager, Perry Berthelot at (504) 534-4050, or Bill Grantham at (713)-584-1457.



Bill A. Grantham

Director Gas Supply and Business Development


by Targa Midstream Services Limited

Partnership, its operator