29 Non-Critical Other Initiate 09/16/2004 09/16/2004 09/20/2004

hurricane ivan update:


with hurricane ivan now ashore,venice gathering system ("vgs") is getting in contact with shippers relative to the plans for production to come back online.  venice energy services company, l.l.c.'s ("vesco") venice gas processing plant remains shut down at this time.  vesco has indicated plant personnel will be attempting to return to the facility today to perform an assessment of the integrity of their facilities.  to the extent that nominations are being accepted by vesco at the delivery point of vgs, vgs shall confirm shipper nominations. 


shippers are urged to monitor their production sources and adjust nominations to match actual production.  should vesco make changes to the amount of gas flows it is willing to accept, vgs may be forced to take necessary steps to adjust gas flows.