5 Non-Critical Maintenance Initiate 05/18/2001 05/18/2001 05/21/2001

maintenance notice

on sunday may 20, 2001, venice gathering system will be performing maintenance on the 20" pipeline that extends from south timbalier block 265 to south timbalier block 151. the estimated time to complete this scheduled work is less than 4 hours.

during the period of maintenance, vgs will attempt to continue accepting deliveries at each of the receipt points on this pipeline segment. vgs' ability to continue accepting deliveries during the maintenance will be limited to the available line pack capacity on the 20" pipeline segment. as a result, vgs' pipeline pressure at the effected receipt points may be higher than normal during this period of maintenance.

this maintenance will effect the following receipt points:

  • south timbalier 260, meter #vgs0100
  • south timbalier 265, meter #75833