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april 7, 2006


vgs shippers:


vgs continues efforts to bring the system back on line.  since the last update, after a long succession of weather delay vgs has successfully replaced the subsea check valve in gi-71 and is now in the process of dewatering the 20" lateral from st-35d to the subsea tie-in at gi-71.  the process is going very slowly, apparently having some problems with the gas that is pushing the pig actually bypassing around the pig.  once the 20" lateral is dewatered, then the lateral will have to have a standup test as will the 26" mainline from st-151 comp to wd-41aux.  this update relays the latest estimates on the remaining vgs repairs.


additional repairs and/or standup tests remain to occur on the following lines:


  1. standup test on the 26" mainline from st-151 comp to wd-41aux (estimated completion is 4-15-06)
  2. standup test on the 20" lateral from st-35d to the subsea tie-in at gi-71 (estimated completion is 4-15-06)


this estimate is dependent on several factors including, but not limited to, availability of repair materials and contractors and weather conditions.


based upon the above, vgs is still unable to take nominations from any receipt points other than the following:


south timbalier block 177e - meter #st72841

south timbalier block 151/135 - meter #75825-1,2

south timbalier block 151/148 - meter #75836-1,2

south timbalier block 265 - meter #75833, meter #75834-1,2

south timbalier block 260 - meter #vgs0100

south timbalier block 204/189 - meter #st20800

west delta block 102 - meter #wd10200

west delta block 79 - meter #1213-410

grand isle block 68 - meter #gi68800

west delta block 41/42 - meter #p36-800