95 Non-Critical Other Initiate 05/11/2007 05/11/2007 05/31/2007


may 11, 2007



as part of the integrity testing on the vgs 20" segment of pipeline, which is currently shut in due to the line leak discovered in january 2007, the following pigging schedule has been planned.


may 23 launch of cleaning pig

may 25 launch of deformation pig

may 27 launch of smart pig

may 29 last pig recovered, pigging complete


there will be a four to six week evaluation period of the data collected during the pigging.


the following meters are to remain shut in until further notice from vgs:

st35e               76817

st36b                76803

st37a                76806

st35d                76814

sp5                     sp06801

sp6                     sp06800

st36c                78611